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martes, 26 de abril de 2011


First of all I wanna thank to my "new readers" (now, I know that I've had around 200 anonymous readers in these few days) who I think they come here expecting something interesting and they found "simply this". My apologies.
On the other hand, I must also thanks to Mrs. Martínez (sounds pretty good!), because she's to blame for the high number of visiting. She promoted this blog in her contacts (and because she's the boss... all the people visited me! jajaja). Really thanks for your support.

And talking more about the blog, I must say that it will still be a little died, because "the project" is getting ready yet. Patience...
But it's a pleasure for me to can say to Mrs. Martinez' friends that I will continue posting things like the "Furla bag" post. Don't worry... jajaja. In addiction, I will try to show you all that inspires WLW (photography, music, more fashion...), and other little things...

Nothing else. I have not desire to translate this into Spanish. I trust in people to understand me and they apreciate my English. Do not hesitate to let me know the mistakes. ;)



2 comentarios:

Lucía dijo...

Enhorabuena por esos 200 readers! :)


Mavi dijo...

Me encanta fashiontoast creo q tiene muchisima personalidad y bueno, felicidades por los 200, q caña!!!!! Ahora ya tienes una mas XD